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How your customers perceive your product is crucial. And it’s often different from how you perceive it.


I work with companies like yours to define product value for your customers, to differentiate your offering, and to reach out to the right people. 


I specialize in telling complex technology stories in a simple way. 


​I work with a variety of start-ups and established companies, complementing their team and helping them achieve their marketing goals.
My unique methodology of create marketing infrastructure is extremely focused and agile. It is specially-tailored for companies that prefer simple and results-oriented work processes.

I build marketing planning and activities, from positioning and differentiation through clear messaging and effective marketing tools.
Among my clients are companies and start-ups in the software, mobile applications, broadcast, clean tech and telecom industries. I have worked with ABonAir, BlueI Technologies, BuzzDoes, ForNova, Intel, Observer Technologies, Orckit, Oversi, Precise Engineering, TechnoSpin, WCK-GRC and others. 

Co-Owner: Perspectives Outsourced Marketing: 2007 - 2012
Corporate Marketing Director, Cimatron: 2003 - 2007 
Corporate Marketing Director, Alvarion: 2001 - 2004

Channel Marketing 

Content Marketing


Lead Generation

Product Launches

Tel Aviv University: Recanati Business School
Executive Master in Business Administration (EMBA) 

Tel-Aviv University
Master of Art, French Literature. Graduate with Honors. 


Tel-Aviv University 

Bachelor of Arts, Literature & Musicology






Marketing that works





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